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Truck Brake Dynamometer

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Link Engineering provides a wide array of test systems for laboratory and vehicle applications with in-house equipment design and manufacturing. Link handles all aspects from fabrication to electrical controls as well as software for machine control, data acquisition, processing and report generation.

Link’s focus is on those components behind the engine, including Transmissions, Brakes, Clutches, Wet and Dry Friction Materials, Wheels, Tires, Hubs, Springs, Steering Systems, Axles, Tires and related subsystems. We also provide a range of Motor test systems including Alternators, Starter Motors and Steering System Testers.


Brake and Friction

Test systems for brake assembly and friction material.


Wheel and Hub

Test systems for wheel, tire, bearing and hub.


Transmission and Driveline

Dynamometers and test stands for transmission, fluid, clutch, clutch pack, torque converter, transaxle, and drive shaft.


Electric Motor and Generator

Test stands for performing research and development for electric motor, generator, starter and alternator systems.


Vehicle Systems

Data acquisition systems, test equipment and sensors designed for in-vehicle testing purposes


Spring and Resilient Material

Manual and motorized systems for testing springs, spring forms and resilient materials.


Steering System

Systems for testing electric and hydraulic steering systems and components.